A comprehensive data audit means no more spot checking. Verbatim automatically audits 100% of CRM case data to catch and correct mistakes. Get clean, accurate customer data with no manual QA.

Ensure you’re working with clean data to make accurate decisions. Here’s how:

100% data quality assurance

Verbatim audits all – not just a percentage – of your CRM case data, identifying quality issues such as incorrect product or reason codes.

The quality tool that trains itself

Using artificial narrow intelligence and deep learning, Verbatim trains itself to recognize errors by reviewing historical data, and then continues to learn through the feedback you provide.

Intelligent analytics pinpoint problems

Identify systemic issues and fix them with real-time analytics. Drill down to the root cause of data quality errors such as training weaknesses and under-performing agents.

More Astute Verbatim™ features you'll love:

Complete coverage

Most quality assurance processes can only identify 1-5% of errors. Ensure 100% of customer cases are correct.

Reporting & analytics

Gain an in-depth understanding of which product and reason codes are causing the most CRM case data inaccuracies, and see which agents may need more training.

Data correction

In addition to identifying errors in CRM case data, Verbatim can also automatically fix inaccurate product and reason codes.