John B. Sanfilippo and Son

John B. Sanfilippo & Son helps consumers find their favorite products with Astute Spot.

orchard valley harvest john b sanfilippo astute case study

The Challenge

Helping consumers find their favorite snacks

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, the company behind popular brands like Orchard Valley Harvest and Fisher Nuts, wanted to make it easier and more intuitive for consumers to find their snack nuts and other nut-based products. When they analyzed the most popular pages of their product websites, they realized the Where to Buy page was one of their top-visited pages – but that the experience wasn’t as user-friendly as they’d like.

Consumers had to scroll through a list of all 50 states to see which products were sold in their state, and the location information only listed retailers by store chain, not individual store locations. This approach also did not provide a feedback loop to the brand management team about how many consumers were searching for specific products and where.

Meanwhile, their Consumer Relations team was dealing with a high volume of “where-to-buy” questions, adding to their already heavy workload.

The Solution

Easy-to-use product locator & valuable insights

John B. Sanfilippo’s search for a product locator solution brought them to Astute Spot, the preferred where-to-buy solution for CPG brands. This easy-to-deploy, user-friendly product locator solution allows website visitors to easily search based on their location to find John B. Sanfilippo products near them. Search results are based on actual purchase data, which provides a more accurate way for consumers to find specific SKUs and individual stores.

Allowing consumers to self-service to find where to buy simplifies the path to purchase, while also reducing the volume of product location questions received by the John B. Sanfilippo Consumer Relations team. At the outset, they added the Astute Spot product locator to the Orchard Valley Harvest website, and have now expanded to more brand sites based on their initial success.

In addition to providing a better consumer experience and reducing contact center workload, Astute Spot delivers valuable reporting on consumer search patterns. This data serves as the foundation for deeper insights into product and distribution decisions.

“Astute Spot lets us offer consumers specific, helpful information about where to buy our products, helping them help themselves and freeing up significant time for our Consumer Relations team.”
-Angelika Husmann, Senior Brand Manager

The Results

Successful searches turn into successful purchases

By allowing consumers to self-serve on where-to-buy questions, the John B. Sanfilippo team ensures consumers can purchase the products they’re looking for. The self-service model has also freed up significant agent time, helping to keep the Consumer Relations workload more manageable.

The company is now collecting first-party data on consumer searches, leading to insights about where consumers are searching for specific SKUs and where they aren’t able to find a product. The Brand Management team plans to leverage these insights during discussions with retailers, using them to demonstrate there is enough demand to expand distribution.

“Especially for brands that are expanding their distribution into new markets, Astute Spot is an invaluable tool because it gives consumers SKU-level and store-level information to help them find and buy the product.”
-Angelika Husmann, Senior Brand Manager

About John B. Sanfilippo and Son

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc., (NASDAQ: JBSS), founded in 1922, is a leading processor, marketer and distributor of baking nuts, snack nuts and nut-based products that are sold in multiple distribution channels. Their products can be found under the Fisher®, Orchard Valley Harvest®, Sunshine Country®, Squirrel Brand® and Southern Style Nuts® brand names and a variety of private brands.