3 Ways Call Center Technology Dramatically Reduces Service Wait Times

man looking at watch waiting on customer service response

Technology is always advancing – and so are customers’ expectations. After all, shouldn’t all this innovation result in faster, more personalized service? The right call center technology makes all the difference.

To rise to customer expectations, more organizations are adding automation and artificial intelligence (AI) such as chatbots or email virtual assistants to their contact center technology stack. This is because these innovations can deliver quick responses that are also personalized.

Both speed and personalization are key to successful customer experiences. In fact, the CMO Council found that one of the most important attributes of good customer service is a fast response time. Even in this high-tech era, the average person spends about 13 hours a year waiting on hold. That’s 43 days over a lifetime!

It’s time to make waiting on hold a thing of the past. Here are three ways your call center technology can reduce wait times and improve CX:

1. Empower customers to self-serve

There’s nothing more frustrating than repeating your issue over and over again. Using customer service technology such as chatbot messaging is a convenient, efficient way for customers to resolve their issues. If they need more help than an automated chatbot can provide, they can be seamlessly transferred to a live agent along with all the context of their chatbot interaction and avoid having to repeat themselves.

This doesn’t mean you need to replace agents with chatbots. Chatbots augment the customer experience, giving customers more control. The chatbot handles self-service interactions in a convenient, conversational way while also providing an easy option to escalate to a live agent.

Streamline communication even further using agent desktop software that integrates workflows for all contact channels into one platform. Whether the case originates from a phone, email, live chat, social media, white mail, or SMS, agents work with customers from a single queue to drive efficiency and speed up response times.

2. Automate email replies

While loyal customers may only make up about 20% of your customer base, they can provide up to 80% of your revenue. Quick response times, especially with personalization, make customers feel valued.

Research shows that nearly 70% of customers would spend more money with a company that has excellent customer service. Automation technology like Astute’s Email Virtual Assistant (EVA) enables your team to engage with customers in a quick, personalized, and effective way.

EVA drafts a personalized email response based on how agents previously addressed similar inquiries. It identifies the need expressed in the customer’s email, codes the need appropriately, drafts a tailored email based on the best responses written by human agents, uses a goodwill calculator to determine appropriate compensation if necessary, and enters the queue for an agent to review before sending. Replying as quickly as possible to resolve the customer’s issue demonstrates that you value their time and their business, building loyalty and lifetime value.

3. Prioritize live agent tasks

With customer service automation, human agents no longer need to handle every single issue. On average, it takes live agents more than five minutes to read, understand, and respond to a customer’s query properly. However, call center technology like EVA can reduce that to one minute per email.

Having chatbots or EVA answer the routine questions while human agents handle higher-stakes interactions allows organizations to maximize efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Research from the Harvard Business Review found companies can offload more than 50% of customer support interactions when they use technologies like AI, automation, and chatbots. This frees up human agents to devote adequate time to more sensitive customer issues.

Choosing the Right Call Center Technology

New technology brings new expectations. Organizations that don’t meet customers’ expectations for lightning-fast, personalized responses risk losing profits and loyalty. Using call center technology to improve response time KPIs and personalization will set you apart from your competition and deepen customer relationships.

Are you ready to implement innovative technology to improve your response times? Contact Astute today to learn more.