3 Surefire Ways to Drive Better e-Commerce Engagement

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Providing an excellent customer experience is absolutely critical to attracting loyal customers who will provide repeat business. What is the best way to do that? A major component is how you engage with your customers throughout every step of their journey. High-quality interactions encourage them to stay brand-loyal and to spread good word of mouth.

A whopping 80% of U.S. customers say they would actually pay more money for a better experience!

With the advent of online shopping and e-commerce, consumer expectations have only increased. Your customers expect to have their questions answered as they shop — regardless of device, channel, or time of day. To help you address their growing expectations, we’ve put together three tips for how to provide a better e-commerce engagement and keep your customers coming back.

1. Provide sophisticated options for customer self-service

Think back to the last time you shopped at a brick-and-mortar store. You could experience the products first-hand, and find a store associate if you had questions.

Online, the ability to touch and feel the products up close may be gone, but companies are still expected to provide helpful experiences and get customers moving in the right direction.

In a recent report, Forrester stated that more than half of customers will abandon their online shopping carts if they can’t find a quick answer to a question. By making answers available through customer self-service on your website and mobile app, you can put customer concerns and hesitations to rest — and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a necessary element of any self-service system. Customer interfaces that use NLP are able to understand the meaning behind a customer question, instead of relying on a simple keyword-based search. At that point, a chatbot powered by artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) can find the answer in the knowledgebase (or other approved sources of information), then interpret it into human-friendly speech using the same NLP engine. This type of real-time, conversational engagement creates immense value by providing the right information at the right time to individual customers. 

2. Embrace social media for customer engagement

With social media playing a huge role in how we communicate, it makes sense to use it as a customer engagement tool. The great thing about social media for customer engagement is that it has the ability to work with other channels, like web chat and email, to provide more personalized engagement with your customers.

Among millennials46% say they use social media when they buy online and another 63% state they use social media to connect with brands. Social media allows you to meet your customers where they are. If you want to engage with customers in a deeper way, social media is a great place to start.

When you give your customers a voice, you allow them to interact with your brand in a number of ways. Whether that is creating reviews, connecting with other loyal customers, or sharing their content on your website and social media, you are giving them tools to produce more content that is helpful for your brand and for other customers. Reviews in particular can be used in a variety of cool ways to market your brand.

3. Provide opportunities for escalation

To continue providing great e-commerce engagement, sometimes self-service and bots are not enough. A customer may decide that they want to move the conversation forward to a live customer service agent, through video or text-based chat. In that case, each interaction can be assigned to an agent who is most qualified to handle the customer. For example, in the case of a repeat customer with a product issue, they can be assigned to an agent who specializes in that product.

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Another way to make escalation seamless is to provide context to the agent about cart contents, interaction history, and other pertinent information. This ensures the agent is able to pick up where the previous channel left off, allowing the customer to resolve their issue without repeating their whole story. All of this leads to more repeat customers, upsells, and reduced shopping cart abandonment

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